Binance btc usd über 80%

I’m think I’m done with gently caressing bitcoin!

Relatively new to the market (mid 2017) and it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve learnt so much and always believed in the long term fundamentals. I got immersed in btc in 2015 spent many hours romanticising the ideals but didn’t buy because it wasn’t very usable and the 10k tribe in 2015 seemed pretty far gone on hopium (sigh).
Joining crypto was the best, the learning curve was steeper than the 4hrly charts. Fomo fud kyc icos gas mew private key binance etherdelta confirmations hard forks chain gangs Fibonaccia RSI support.
I got hungry, really hungry and along the way I’ll admit, I lost sight of the fundamentals - the dream - tbh I’d flip any shill coin I could to make a few sats. I had a 5k positive day which was unbelievable for me at the time.
I’ve even worked within a company that unfortunately ico’d in November 2017. At first this was like a dream. And then I had to deal with thousands of people on the way down even though I didn’t join the project until July 2018. The market has been rough on the team, the project, and mostly the investors. PNL yet to be realised.
At any rate, I was still hopeful and without the eth revenue I went back to charting and trading and waiting and watching. Relatively successfully and happily. Wash the stink of 2018 off and look ahead.
Something about a tight range sideways market gets me on edge. Compounding to that I recently had 20% of my folio shlogged in one foul move by cryptopia hack (moved funds to cryptopia and withdrew on the same day...but they never came through, yikes!)
And so I ended up on bitmex - only a month ago - started on the testnet and played low leverage moves. Shorting bitcoin was a dirty feeling. I played the game fine, payed too much fees doing market orders and I exited one of my positions too soon but was up 50%.
But the disgusting disgusting manipulation of this currency was never more apparent than on bitmex, 20% wicks just to break peoples souls. I play poker from time to time, but this was like cryptocrack and at least in poker you can look at the person that you are swindling (not online but you know what I mean).
Maybe I am being naive or maybe I’m a bit of a fundamentalist but I think I’m actually done. It just seems like every innovation thus far is another way to soak bitcoin out of hodlers.
So immersed in the world of margins - I am running on minimal sleep (while the biggest leverage I did was 10% the trollbox etc was mesmerising). But I honestly can see this going one of two ways. 1) the big dogs and market makers wash trade until they can cash out > market slumps. 2) this consumes everything and bull whale/ bear kraken and their minion - rektbot - enslave us while chipping away at our earnings for the privilege to participate in their world finance - kind of what I wanted to avoid in the first place.
TLDR: proof of keys! Gently caress all exchanges! and LONG LIVE DOGE!!
Respect to all the long hodlers. Keep strong hands don’t buy into the bullshit and you will be alright or it will tank harder but you know like you weren’t selling anyway. Respect to the devs and anyone pushing for the genuine progress of blockchain.
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Black Box Algorithm Builder testing on Binance

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